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Baby Bumble Bee
Emphasizing counting, sequencing, math, vocabulary, songs, quantity and nursery rhymes.

Baby See N Sign
Offers sign language examples and ASL signs in an educational format.

Baby Songs
Musical videos, CDs and audiotapes for babies and toddlers about playing games, animals, the alphabet, colors, shapes, bedtime, Christmas and yoga mama for pregnant moms.

Calm Baby
Utilizing water as its primary element to soothe babies and stimulate their mind.

Childbook Chinese Videos
Chinese bilingual videos, audio tapes, books, and software about the Chinese language and culture in English and Mandarin.

Chinese Cultural Videos
Bilingual and multi-lingual videotapes, audio tapes and CDs about the Chinese and English languages, and the Chinese culture.

CoachCoz Dance Video
Includes dance and exercise instruction segments with classic songs from the 70s and 80s.

International theater focusing on history, foreign and domestic culture, literature and the arts.

Ice Hockey For Kids
Offers instruction for kids including shooting, passing, stick handling, and skating with the puck.

Image Factory, Inc.
Provides "My Best English", a program designed to improve language abilities, as well as learning shapes and numbers.

J. Gary Mitchell Film Company
Offers "Empower Kids", a documentary series. Addresses topics such as decision making, substance abuse, smoking, cyber seduction, and violence prevention.

Jake's World
Produces short stories focusing on honesty, wellness, nutrition, good sportsmanship, sharing and team play.

Jesus For Children
The story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of a child.

Produces audio tapes and videos on a variety of different subjects including animals and music.

Little Mammoth
Features subjects including airplanes, aircraft carriers, submarines, space shuttles, aquariums, newspapers, trains, hotels and automobiles.

My First Day
Addresses concepts including working together, peer respect and fears relating to a child's first day of school.

Picture Palace
Classic children's series on VHS and DVD, as well as other early serials and vintage TV shows.

The Neanderthal Feather Walkers
Happy Times For Kids, Inc. offers this 27-minute VHS video featuring puppetry and music.

The Singing Babies Company
Babies sing classic nursery rhymes on video, CD or DVD.

Featuring tractors, starring cartoon character Tractor Ted and his farm machinery friends.

Wonderlens: Aquarium of the Aliens
Children's DVD encouraging kids interactivity and creativity.

Zen Baby
Inspiring peace, relaxation, and learning experiences through discovery of the beauty and wonder of the world around us.

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